Declaration of Purposes and Mission of the Russia Federal Orff Schulwerk Association (RusFOSA)

RusFOSA is part of the Russian Pedagogical society and fully supports, shares and transmits its values and ideas

Russian Orff-Schulwerk Association (RusFOSA) is a free form of unity of professional educators who share the ideas of Schulwerk and creative music pedagogy.

RusFOSA is Internet community using information technology to create a unified educational space for communication among its members.

The main GOAL of the RusFOSA is support and broadcast Orff ideas in Russia and among Russian-speaking teachers abroad. We grow competent, enthusiastic, creative teachers, who are currently needed in Russia.
Russian Orff Schulwerk Association provides training and certification of Orff- teachers. We always remember that our main concern — the CHILDREN we teach and educate.

Our CODE contains four items that are shared by each member of the Association:

  1. High quality. (Do always the best we can).
  2. Competence and confidence. (Do consciously the right thing).
  3. Growth and development. (Continuous learning, non-stop development.
  4. The friendliness and openness. (Care about each other and avoid negative behavior).

RusFOSA has a deeper purpose, which we call our MISSION.

  1. Researching and exploring new opportunities for growth and development for teachers.
  2. Encourage new progressive ideas.
  3. Teach others to be successful.
  4. Develop new leaders.
  5. Share ideas and values of the MISSION while working as a TEAM.


Membership of the Russian Orff-Schulwerk Association is open to all teachers who positively respond to one of the following three questions:

  1. I am experienced and competent Orff- teacher, have long fascinated with Orff ideas (Yes?)
  2. I am a beginner Orff teacher, but I want continue to learn and develop in this direction (Yes?)
  3. I had never heard anything about Orff pedagogy, but I want to learn and know more about ideas of Orff- Schulwerk. ( Yes?)

There are no elective officers, chairman In RusFOSA, no membership fees, no uniform way for all, there is no single leader and no place for boredom and stagnation.

Dear colleagues and friends! If after reading this page, you decide to join us, please fill out the form on the site to receive information - and you will become a full member of our events! Please visit U-tube and watch a variety of videos on my channel. It' ll help you to make a decision:

Welcome to our team! Congratulations!

On behalf of all members of the Russian Federal Orff-Schulwek Association — Tyutyunnikova Tatiana